The Technology – IES

We’re about simplicity, and ease of use. The system we engineer, install and service can be controlled through a single hand held device—an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad—managed over the Internet. 

Think of it as a brain. Our favorite brain is a Savant control system, which allows a home owner to network all their heating, lighting, home entertainment and security systems from anywhere in the world where you can go online. 

The beauty of this kind of control is obvious to our clients, who don’t have to search for remotes, or decipher remotes, or wonder why they need three remotes for one television set, or stand six inches in front of the stereo before the hard-of-hearing stereo can pick up the weak signal from the failing batteries in the remote (if it picks it up at all). 

With a Savant control system, a home owner can turn-on the heat in any room, adjust the volume of a stereo or TV, switch lights on and off, program the air conditioner to run only during the hottest hours of the day, raise and lower window shades, momentarily disable a security system to allow a contractor to get in the house to make repairs (while you’re in the Bahamas, let’s say). 

You touch an icon on an iPhone and it’s done. 

Larger homes typically have multiple heating systems, multiple home entertainment systems, a constellation of lights and shades and heating units—all with individual remotes or thermostats, switches, control panels. We distill them down to a single unit that can be programmed to control even the wattage in a single lightbulb, anywhere on the premises. You don’t need 30 lights to run at 100 watts? Easy. You can make them run at 80. Or 60. Whatever you like.

In tech-talk, “audio/video matrix switching” makes managing all of your entertainment a snap.  Our ability to fully automate the management of all of your home systems constitutes energy savings. Our control systems make it simple to manage your home electronics, and simple to cut your heating and electric bills. 

Integrated Electronic Systems replaces all those remotes, switches, cable boxes, DVD players, Blue Ray players and controllers with a single brain, usually installed in a utility closet or a rack in the basement. The remotes are gone (along with the confusion and the rat’s nest of cables and the unattractive gear boxes), and the control is back. You can still access cable, Apple TV, Netflix or a host of other programming, but without having all the gadgets, wires and clutter.

Control also means security 

Our systems are so comprehensive we can install a lighting control network that will allow you—while you’re on vacation, for example—to mimic the patterns you’d typically follow if you were home. At 7 p.m. the kitchen lights come on. At 8:15 the stereo cranks out jazz. At 10:20 the stereo fades out. Bedroom lights switch on at 10:30, and off at 11:10. 

Again, whatever pattern you roughly follow throughout your day, our system can be programmed to match it. To an outsider, someone is most certainly home. 

With the home owner in charge, managing all the electronic devices through a single app on an iPhone (or iPad or iPadTouch), there’s no longer a need to give out security codes to visitors (relatives, contractors, or anyone who needs access to your home or garage). Even when you’re not at home, you’re still in charge. To our clients, that means safety and security. 

And that’s just a start. Here are some other advantages of having an IES control system in your home: 

– Set limits on energy use 

– Get warnings during hot or cold peaks (and the option to set automated responses to those peaks, such as shutting off the heating system in the kitchen any time the dishwasher is running). 

– Monitor the efficiency of solar panels 

– Automate (or control at will) outdoor lights

– Program the blinds on the south-facing windows to rise with the sun (the point being that even if you don’t have south-facing blinds, you can control any blinds, anytime, from anywhere in the world where you have Internet)

– Program the south-facing blinds to close any time the house temperature rises above 70 degrees (and so on)

– See what lights/heaters/entertainment systems are on, and precisely what they’re doing, anywhere in your home

– And more (much more) 

To see more about why our systems are easy to use, see About IES